Italian brand debuts at Makina Moto Show

Italian motorcycle brand, Benelli, is now in the Philippines. The brand made its Philippine debut at the recent Makina Moto Show. Benelli Philippines hopes to offer an alternative to the typical motorcycle choices with its initial line-up of three models: the Leoncino scrambler, TRK 502 adventure bike, and 502C cruiser.

Benelli 500cc motorcycles start at PhP349k image

The Leoncino is a 500cc liquid-cooled, inline 2-cylinder, DOHC scrambler. It produces 47.5 PS and 46 Nm, transferred through a 6-speed transmission to the rear. It’s brought to a stop with double discs in front and one in the rear governed by ABS. It has an accessible seat height of 810mm and tips the scales at 207kg. It’s priced at PhP 369,000.

Benelli 500cc motorcycles start at PhP349k image

The TRK502 is its adventure offering, powered by the same engine as the Leoncino. Like its sister bike, it’s stopping power is care of double discs in front and one in the rear with ABS. Naturally, it has a higher seat height at 835mm but is only 3kg heavier at 210 kg. This highway legal adventure bike can be had for PhP 359,000.

Benelli 500cc motorcycles start at PhP349k image

The 502C is Benelli’s cruiser-like offering with a more relaxed handlebar position, more forward set pegs, and relaxed riding position. It also uses the same engine as the previous two, but offers the most minimalist yet modern design of them all. Lights are all LED. It is also the most accessible model for the vertically challenged with a seat height at just 800mm but tips the scales at 220kg. Nonetheless, it is also the most tempting at PhP 349,000.

Benelli’s current line-up consists of 500cc motorcycles that are, without a doubt, highway legal. It hopes to expand this with more offerings very soon.

Currently, Benelli Philippines has a showroom at 27 Annapolis building along Annapolis Street in Greenhills with plans for another showroom in the heart of motorcycle row in Caloocan.

Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle brands, having been founded in Pesaro, Italy in 1911, by Benelli family matriarch, Teresa Benelli. The brand has a storied history, at one point even being acquired by Alejandro de Tomaso of De Tomaso Automobili, makers of the Pantera sports car. Currently, Benelli is a part of Group Qianjiang, a corporation in Wenling, southeast China. The motorcycle brand, however, still maintains its headquarters in Pesaro, Italy, where it was initially founded.

Benelli Philippines can be reached through their Facebook page.