Enforcement Lapu-lapu style

Are these drastic times that call for drastic measures? Ex-Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman and now Marikina congressman, Bayani Fernando (BF), seems to think so., with his suggestion to arm MMDA constables with bolo knives (machetes).

The former chairman's suggestion came after the request for police powers by MMDA EDSA boss, Bong Nebrija. BF believes police powers could endanger the public as well as potentially lead to abuses.

“It might imperil [the public]. They don't have the skill to do that,” said BF. “In extreme cases, they can [exercise police power] like any individual, especially to protect themselves. Otherwise, it may not be necessary. It might even be bad, it will embolden them. And without [restraint], it can lead to more trouble,” Fernando added.

BF's suggestion to use bolos is borne from from his experience as the former mayor of Marikina City.

Yung mga bantay ko sa palengke, inarmasan ko ng bolo. Dahil karamihan nung may mga tulak na kariton noong araw, may ice pick, merong knives doon. E mas mahaba yung bolo, e di talo sila. Sa record ng Marikina, walang pinaggamitan nung bolo. Pero tumino ang Marikina. (I armed my enforcers in the markets with bolos. That's because most of the violators that have push carts have ice picks and even knives. But the bolos are longer, so they lose. For the record, there have been no incidents where the bolo was used. But Marikina became more disciplined.)"

“It would be good to arm them with bolos – if necessary,” Fernando further added.

Would this result in a more disciplined Metro Manila traffic or could this end up like a scene from the movie “Machete”?