Batman making a cameo in The Flash movie

For many fans of Batman films, The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012) is perhaps the greatest version of the franchise ever made. It's probably also the reason why it collectively grossed over US$ 2.4-billion at the box office.

While the titular character, Batman, is known to drive the Batmobile, The Dark Knight Trilogy also introduced us to a new Batman motorcycle called the “Batpod.” The motorcycle is technically an escape vehicle that ejected from the Tumbler (Batmobile) after it was destroyed.

Fast forward to 2022 and the Caped Crusader will appear again on the big screen. We're not talking about, "The Batman," the one with Robert Pattinson. We mean the one with Ben Affleck. Yes. There's another one.

Apparently Batfleck will make a cameo in an upcoming The Flash film, showing in 2022. Best of all, he does it in a new Batcycle.

This is Batman

Based on the recent The Flash movie teaser on Twitter, actor Ben Affleck was photographed riding a new Bat motorcycle which bears some resemblance to Dodge’s 2003 concept motorcycle, the Tomahawk. The Tomahawk was a concept motorcycle unveiled by Dodge in 2003, powered by the Dodge Vipers 9.8-liter V10 engine.

It appears the movie's vehicle designers took inspiration from that concept. This new Bat motorcycle seems to be a lot bulkier compared to the Batpod, and features (like the Tomahawk) dual front tires and a single wide tire for the rear. While other information like the engine, powertrain and electronics remain a secret, it seems that (like the Batpod), this new motorcycle ridden by Batman still comes standard with a pair of 35mm canons, just beside the front wheels.

This is certainly an upgrade from the more down-to-earth “Batcycle” in the upcoming, The Batman film, which is scheduled to hit theaters this coming October. Buy why are there two different Batmans? With Ben Affleck retaining his role as Batman and Robert Pattinson playing the character too, this might be a case of multiverses and alternate Batmans DC is trying to pull off as well. Does this have some connection to The Snyder Cut Justice League?

We'll just have to find out once the movies hit theaters locally (if they are allowed to operate). If not, the film just might be distributed by the Warner Bros/HBO streaming services.