Bataan has its own NCAP now

In less than a year, two Metro Manila cities have begun employing NCAP (No-Contact Apprehension): Manila and Quezon City. Preceding them were Valenzuela and Parañaque, and of course the MMDA along EDSA.

Outside of the metro, the Province of Bataan will be enforcing its own NCAP starting tomorrow, November 4, along the 68-kilometer Roman Highway.

According to the Provincial Government of Bataan, the initiative aims to make the road safe for motorists, as well as turn it into a world-class province through its use of high-tech systems in enforcing traffic laws.

The NCAP system that will be launched in Bataan was made possible after Governor Albert S. Garcia signed a joint venture agreement with QPAX Traffic Systems Inc. last year.

Like the NCAP systems used here in the metro, Bataan will also utilize state-of-the-art CCTVs capable of taking high-resolution photographs/videos of erring motorists. If found in violation, a summon will be sent to the erring motorist's registered address in the vehicle's registration.

Some of the more common traffic violations along the highway are not wearing seatbelts, distracted driving, speeding, and lane violations.

Once online, the Province of Bataan hopes that the NCAP will not only help reduce road mishaps but also instill traffic discipline amongst all motorists that ply the said highway.