Honda Philippines teases a second new scooter

In the leadup to what we already know is the launch of the much-awaited ADV-150, Honda released a new video on their social media page with silhouettes of two new scooters that will be launched this Saturday at Robinson's Metro East. 

As we've speculated, one of these new scooters is very likely the ADV 150 that was launched last July in Indonesia.

The other one, with a more curvaceous silhouette as well as a mystery brand ambassador, seems to be a new Honda Scoopy, called the Honda Genio 110cc in Indonesia.

Could this be the new Honda Scoopy? image

Honda will likely retain the Scoopy name when it is unwrapped on Saturday for the Philippine market.

"The Genio is a casual, fashionable scooter which becomes the new identity and trend for [the] young generation in Indonesia in achieving a more stylish and energetic expression, while give no compromise on performance, a compact body, agility and riding comfort, as well as fuel efficiency,” according to Astra Honda Motor Indonesia. Honda's Indonesian subsidiary operates one of the largest Honda motorcycle factories in the world, with an annual production capacity of 1.1 million motorcycles.

Could this be the new Honda Scoopy? image

This new Scoopy is equipped with a new generation enhanced Smart Power (eSP) 110cc engine that produces 9 Ps of power and 9.3 Nm of torque. This new engine boasts of increased fuel efficiency while maintaining optimum performance. This is supported by a new enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF) frame eSAF, specially developed by Honda and a template for future models.

Like many current Honda scooters, the Genio is also equipped with Honda's combi-brake system, idling stop system (ISS) which helps minimize fuel consumption, a digital meter panel with ECO indicator, full LED headlight, and an under seat power outlet.

Bear in mind that colors, liveries, equipment, and specifications may change for the Philippine market model.

Could this be the new Honda Scoopy? image

As for the price, there is no word yet, but we will update you as soon as we find out this weekend.