Vows to fight for commuters and riders

Angkas issues statement on SC TRO

Offers new ‘promo code’

Shortly after the DOTr and LTFRB have issued orders to Angkas to cease its ride-hailing operations, and its deputized enforcers to apprehend Angkas riders ferrying passengers, the motorcycle taxi app has issued a statement on the recent turn of events.

Angkas expressed its sadness over the decision, citing it affects not only commuters but its partner-riders as well.

To counter the LTFRB’s position that motorcycles are too dangerous to serve as public transport, the app stated it boasts of a “safety record of 99.97%.”

What follows is the app’s statement in full:

We are saddened to hear that the Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on an earlier court decision allowing Angkas to operate.

This comes at a time when hundreds of thousands of commuters need the Angkas service to beat the worsening holiday traffic.

This TRO also puts the livelihood of 25,000 biker-partners at risk a few days before Christmas, when their families need it the most.

We offer our safety record of 99.97% as a potential model for responsible traffic safety nationwide.

We will continue our fight to serve commuters in a safe and efficient manner, as well as legitimizing our riders.

We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will eventually rule in favor of the Filipino riding public.


David Medrana

Head of Operations, Angkas