Wearable backrider shield design approved by National COVID Task Force

While backriding may already be allowed, provided there’s a non-permeable barrier between driver and rider, many motorists are still questioning the practicality of the original design submitted by Bohol Gov. Art Yap. Because the design requires bolting the barrier to the passenger footpegs, it makes refueling difficult.

Now there’s a better alternative as the National Task Force on COVID-19 has recently approved the “backpack-type” design submitted by ride-hailing service, Angkas.

According to GMA News, National Task Force chairman and Defense Secretary, Delfin Lorenzana has recently approved Angkas’ design for a wearable barrier.

Rather than being secured to the passenger footpegs, this barrier or shield can be worn by the driver of the motorcycle, making it easier to refuel when needed. This allows the passenger to lean with the rider when turning, addressing some of the concerns of safety experts.

Angkas backrider shield design approved by NTF image

"Effective immediately, the above barriers between motorcycle driver and passengers are hereby approved," Lorenzana said in a message to reporters, attached with a photos of the design of Angkas.

While the new barrier design may make it easier for those seeking to carry passengers, backriding remains to be allowed only for “married couples, common-law couples, and live-in partners.”