MC Taxi Pilot Study Technical Working Group releases authorized MC Taxis total

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) through its Technical Working Group (TWG) for the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Study has released the latest official number of authorized MC Taxi drivers submitted by the 3 participating Transport Network Companies (TNC). This is part of the TWG's regular updates on the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Run Implementation Program. 

Based on the lates figures, in Metro Manila, Angkas has a total of 20,000 rider-partners while Joyride and Move It have 15,000 and 6,409, respectively. In Metro Cebu, Angkas has 4,500 partner-riders while Joyride and Move It have none. Finally, in Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Angkas, is still the sole operator with registered riders in the city, amounting to 804, while Joyride and Move It have yet to submit a list.

To review, the House Committee on Transportation, along with the TWG, have agreed to raise the total national cap to 63,000 riders. Each motorcycle taxi service provider can have 15,000 riders each for Metro Manila, an additional 3,000 riders each for Metro Cebu, and an additional 3,000 riders each for Cagayan de Oro. The total per city rider caps are as follows: Metro Manila will have 45,000; Metro Cebu, 9,000; and Cagayan de Oro, 9,000.

As of today, the total number of registered riders nationwide is just at 46,713. This means there is room for 16,287 more. To break it down, 3,591 more riders can be registered in Metro Manila. Another 4,500 can be registered in Metro Cebu. Finally, another 8,196 can be registered in Cagayan de Oro.

While Angkas's riders are beyond the extended provision of 15,000 riders for Metro Manila, and 3,000 riders for Metro Cebu, the new provision allows for a more flexible rider cap wherein any other provider can go beyond its allotment, so long as the citywide cap is not breached.

The MC Taxi Pilot Run program will continue as initially planned until March 2020.