Triumph Motorcycles PH unwraps new Tiger 1200

If there’s one good thing from the pandemic, it’s the fact that more people went back to riding motorcycles, while many more started riding motorcycles. Almost all motorcycle manufacturers have reported record-breaking sales figures, and new motorcycle models are underway.

All-new Triumph Tiger 1200 now in the PH! Starts at PHP1.460M image

For Triumph Motorcycles Philippines, they are thrilled to announce that the much-awaited and technologically-advanced model year 2022 Tiger 1200 is here in the country and it starts at PHP1.460-million.

Tiger 1200 vs R 1250 GS/GSA

Since this is an adventure bike, we can’t help but compare the new Tiger 1200 with BMW’s R 1250 GS/GSA. According to Triumph, the new Tiger 1200, with its 3-cylinder engine, is still 17kg lighter lighter than the closest shaft-driven adventure bike available in the market today.

Also, in terms of power, the new Tiger 1200 edges the Germans with its 150 PS of power. The GS, on the other hand, with its boxer engine, churns out 138 PS of power. Throughout the all-new Tiger 1200 range, a newly-developed lightweight chassis, complete with bolt-on aluminum subframe and tri-link swingarm, was developed by British engineers.

Radar equipped

Like in premium and more expensive cars in the market today, the all-new Tiger 1200 is equipped with the Triumph Blind Spot Radar System, which was developed in partnership with Continental. In layman’s terms, the system helps the rider make safer decisions while riding.

All-new Triumph Tiger 1200 now in the PH! Starts at PHP1.460M image

Also, the new Tiger 1200’s suspension system made by Showa of Japan can be adjusted electronically. Besides the usual riding modes, ABS and traction control, Triumph has also optimized these for cornering safety. The TFT screen is now bigger at seven inches and can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone.


The all-new Tiger 1200 is available in GT Pro, which starts at PHP1.460-million. The GT Explorer, starts at PHP1.625million, while the off-road-biased Rally Pro and Rally Explorer with its 30-liter fuel tank, are available with an SRP that starts at PHP1.690-million.