More power, LED DRL, and rear shocks with subtank

Yamaha could be launching an all-new Nmax very soon. Images of a prototype being submitted for patenting were leaked onto the web. They suggest a new look for the coming Nmax taking lots of influence from its bigger sibling, the Xmax.

All-new 2020 Yamaha Nmax coming soon image

First off, the new Nmax will feature new LED DRL's in the same shape as the Xmax. The headlamp will still be in within one housing but will integrate a split headlamp look. They will feature LED bulbs. Turn signals will be mounted lower on the front.

All-new 2020 Yamaha Nmax coming soon image

Photos of the tail lamps lack any detail but if the front is anything to go by, they could also look similar to the split type LED lights of the Xmax.

Powering the bike will be the same 155cc Blue Core 4-stroke water-cooled SOHC single cylinder engine found on the MT-15. As such. We can expect the Nmax to produce 19.2 PS and 14.7 Nm. The current Nmax produces 15 PS and 14.4 Nm.

The engine will be made of forged pistons and a block made of die-cast aluminum with 20% silicon Yamaha calls DiASil. This combination of materials results in better cooling and lighter construction. It is already featured in some of Yamaha's R-line motorcycles.

All-new 2020 Yamaha Nmax coming soon image

Besides the lightweight construction, the engine will also include Variable Valve Actuation, already included in the current MT-15. This allows for a broader powerband, giving the rider more useful torque across the range.

Finally, Yamaha hopes to further improve efficiency with the addition of a Stop and Start System. This system is designed to automatically turn off the engine when idling or at a stoplight to further save fuel. It will start back up again with a simple twist of the throttle.

Bringing power to the rear wheel will be a centrifugal clutch system and automatic transmission. Like before, it will have a disc brake in front and behind, both governed by ABS.

All-new 2020 Yamaha Nmax coming soon image

The rider is expected to glide through all the bumps on the road with telescopic forks in front and the possible addition of new twin shocks in the rear with subtanks for a better ride.

Finally, the Nmax also adds some much needed convenience features. One of the front shield compartments is now sealed, allowing the rider to store more valuable items. It is very likely that this closed compartment could include a cell phone charging port.

Starting up the bike will be done with the keyless start system, much like that offered in the Xmax, allowing the bike to be unlocked with just the twist of a knob, once the key is detected.

All-new 2020 Yamaha Nmax coming soon image

Finally, all the vital trip info will be displayed on a new rectangular multi-info display.

Many of the upgrades mentioned are already included in the current Nmax 155 ABS offered in Indonesia. The top-of-the-line model can be had with the new engine with VVA, made of DiASil, featuring a new blue-backlit digital instrument panel.

Of course, many of this standard equipment may still change from the model Yamaha Philippines plans to offer. We have yet to receive word from them when it will be revealed.

Expect it however between the end of this year or very early in 2020.