No helmets when inside the Municipality of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

The municipality of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, in Mindanao, has banned wearing motorcycle helmets when passing through or within the poblacion or town proper.

Town mayor, Solomon Rufila, said through his official social media page that, the decision to ban the wearing of motorcycle helmets in the area was made with public safety in mind. “Public safety is our priority. I ask the people to follow what is stated in our local law,” said Rufila.

This ordinance is nothing new. In 2015, the town of San Francisco passed Municipal Ordinance No. 09-2015, which requires motorcycle riders to remove their safety helmets once inside the town proper. However, this local ordinance goes against a national law, which is the Republic Act 10054 or the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009.

Other municipalities have enacted similar ordinances. It is believed the lack of helmets makes any individuals easier for authorities to identify, particularly when committing crimes. However, an ordinance like may also put the safety of the rider at risk.

Local police have already mounted billboards advising riders of the implementation of the said ordinance. Riders caught wearing their motorcycle helmet inside the town proper will be slapped with a PhP200, PhP300 and PhP500 fine for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd offences, respectively.

In addition, all motorists are also advised to follow a 20-kilometer per hour speed limit inside the town proper. Municipal Ordinance No. 138-2019, prescribes a penalty of PhP1,000 to PhP2,000 for violating the speed limit ordinance.