GS Trophy marshal, Stephanie Rowe, exercises with BMW GS during lockdown

The global coronavirus pandemic has forced many governments around the world to impose a lockdown to limit the movement of people and prevent the further spread of the disease. For the general, non-frontliner public, movement is restricted to essentials only, like buying groceries and medicines. For health buffs, that means no more jogging or working out at the gym. For riders, that means no more leisure rides. 

So what do health buffs who are also riders do?

We all know that big adventure bikes like the BMW GS tip the scales farther than any other type of motorcycles. With a little creativity, one can turn that weight into an advantage, especially during these quarantine times.

Rather than succumbing to a sedentary lifestyle, Stephanie Rowe, a BMW GS Trophy marshal from the UK, had an idea to help her stay fit, with the help of her BMW R 1250 GS, of course. In the video posted on her official Facebook page, Rowe demonstrates how riders can use their heavy bike as a fitness tool.

All one needs to do is lay the bike on its side, using the wheels as a pivot point. Its weight can be useful resistance for a variety of exercises. She starts out with 10 reps of squats, then another 10 for back squats. She then does lunges with the bike on its side, alternating between her right and left legs. Then, she tops it off with 10 reps of leg presses.

Woman uses her BMW 1250 GS as tool to stay fit during lockdown image

Like with lifting weights when at a gym, it is also highly recommended that you have a spotter, or someone to watch and help you in the event that your muscles have had enough.

Who is Staphanie Rowe?

Stephanie Rowe is no newbie to adventure riding. In fact, she's one of the female marshals at the recently concluded BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in New Zealand. Back in 2013, she was the only female rider selected out of 12,000 applicants worldwide to embark on an adventure ride spanning five continents onboard a BMW R1200 GS. The finalists of the event, called "Ride of Your Life," were selected by a panel of celebrity riders that include Adrien Brody, Rick Yune, Charley Boorman and Jutta Kleinschmidt. She was the only female out of five finalists.

How about you? What home workout are you doing to keep fit?