A.P. Honda’s goal is to see motorsports become the next trend in Thailand by 2030

Honda has been investing in Thais, helping them break out into the international arena by paving a road to MotoGP. A new program called A.P. Honda Academy has been established as another stepping stone for aspiring Thai racers. Its intention is to seek and train 15 young riders whose dreams are to compete overseas. A.P. Honda Academy aims to properly equip Thai youths with proper riding skills, helping them reach competitive levels for both regional and international races. Honda’s commitment to Thai riders also includes the Honda Thailand Talent Cup.

A.P. Honda will also continue to support Nakarin “Chip” Athiratpuwapat in his second year competing as the only Thai in the Moto3 World Championship under the Honda Team Asia banner… While Somkiat “Kong” Chantra of Asia Team Talent will stay focused in the recruiting process of the FIM SEV Moto3 Junior World Championship.

The organization will also return to the Suzuka 4-Hour Endurance Race with its all-Thai team, who placed 4th in Japan last year. This season, Team Manager Ratthapark “Film” Wilairot hopes to earn a podium finish. In the Asia Road Raching Championship (ARRC), Muklada “Muk” Sarapuech and Kritchaporn Kaewsonthi will be riding in the Asia Production 250cc class, with Passawit “Champ” Thitivararak and his Japanese teammate Kesuke Kiruhara riding in the SuperSports 600cc category.

While more Thais are showing success and promise in motorcycle racing, A.P. Honda President Yoichi Mizutani has stated that the company’s goal is to make motorsports the next big cultural trend in Thailand by the year 2030.

“Last year, we announced our vision plan 2030 to make motorsport the next trendy sport for all Thais and a new culture of society. There is also a plan to host races, both road and dirt racing, in regional level, to encourage public to cheer on their favourite teams. Racers will also have an opportunity to upgrade themselves to international competitions such a MotoGP and World Superbike. That will help create new racing hero for Thailand and also make motorsport the next trend. We would like to make it the next trend by 2030,” stated A.P. Honda President Yoichi Mizutani.

“If last year was considered the beginning, this year will be the speeding period to help our racers to perform at their fullest at international competitions, be it Asia Road Racing, Suzuka 4-Hours Endurance Race, Asia Talent Cup, CEV and Moto3. Our gold is to drive our racers to take the podium. Through our A.P. Honda Academy and Thailand Talent Cup, we are seeking young talents from around the country to equip them with skills and to add more diversity of the racers.”