7Charge EV charging stations at select US 7-Eleven stores

There is no denying that electric-powered mobility is the future, even here in the Philippines. In fact, just a few months ago, we had firsthand experience that we can travel long distances onboard an electric scooter, the ZEEHO AE8. The ride was just like a typical ride you would on a “normal” gasoline-powered scooter, except that the AE8 requires a few hours of charging every 70 or so kilometers.

Since there are no dedicated electric charging stations outside of Metro Manila, I resorted to plugging in at roadside eateries for that much-needed e-scooter juice. In the near future, charging your electric vehicle (EV) could be done in over 1,300 7-Eleven stores nationwide through their 7Charge electric charging stations.

7-Eleven launches 7Charge electric charging stations image

According to 7-Eleven, they intend to build one of the largest and most compatible EV fast-charging networks of any retailer in North America with the launch of 7Charge, which is already delivering fast-charging services to customers in several locations in Florida, Texas, Colorado, and California.

“For over 95 years, 7‑Eleven has innovated to meet our customers’ needs – delivering convenience where, when, and how they want it,” said Joe DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer at 7‑Eleven. “Now, we are innovating once again to meet our customers' where they are by expanding our business to provide EV drivers convenience of the future...today.”

The 7Charge network will deliver on the growing consumer need for EV charging infrastructure. By expanding the 7Charge network, while continuing to utilize third-party fast-charging network options, 7‑Eleven will have the ability to grow its network to match consumer demand and make EV charging available to neighborhoods that have, until now, lacked access.

While the 7Charge network is being pilot-tested in the US and soon in Canada, this network of charging stations could definitely find its way here in the country within the next couple of years.

Charging your EV/e-scooter while sipping your favorite Slurpee flavor? Soon.