New Royal Enfield Hunter 350 now in the PH and here's what we know

Over the weekend, Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles, Inc. (AKA Royal Enfield Pilipinas) – the official distributor of Royal Enfield (RE) motorcycles here in the country – officially took the wraps off their new Hunter 350. According to them, the new Hunter 350 is one of the best-selling motorcycles in India in the 350cc segment, with over 40,000 owners since its introduction not too long ago.

6 quick facts about the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 image

With an SRP that is more affordable than the 250cc motorcycles being offered by Japanese manufacturers, the new Hunter 350 definitely looks promising and may soon have a community of thousands of proud owners.

Though we have yet to ride the new bike, here are some quick facts about the Hunter 350:

Most affordable RE at PHP 231,000

With a price that starts at only PHP231,000, the new Hunter 350 is currently Royal Enfield’s most affordable bike in the country. Second place is its cousin, the Classic 350, now with a starting SRP of PHP 249,000.

2nd-lowest seat height in RE stable

6 quick facts about the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 image

During its official PH debut, Jimmy Barinaga, president and CEO of Hardcore Brothers Custom Motorcycles, jokingly told us that “even Donna could ride the new Hunter 350.” Donna of Motorsiklo News, one of our moto media friends who stands at only 4 feet 10 inches, was able to sit comfortably on the Hunter 350's 800mm-tall saddle with one of her feet on the ground.

The good news is, the new Hunter 350 can still be lowered further by swapping its rear suspension with a pair from a Classic 350.

Same platform, different bike

6 quick facts about the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 image

While the new Hunter 350 is obviously based on the Meteor 350’s platform, it’s a totally different motorcycle, says Royal Enfield.

For example, although the Meteor and the Hunter share the same 349cc air-cooled EFI thumper, the latter’s fuel mapping was revised a bit to give it a more sporty throttle response that should appeal to its target Gen-Z riders.

Also, the chassis was redesigned to accommodate the Hunter 350’s “urban-spec” components.

Shorter wheelbase

With its redesigned chassis, engineers at Royal Enfield were also able to shorten the Hunter 350’s wheelbase to just 1,370mm versus the Meteor’s 1,400mm and the Classic’s 1,390mm wheelbase.

This shorter wheelbase gives the new Hunter 350 some advantage, especially when maneuvering the congested streets of Metro Manila.

Royal Enfield that is NOT a Royal Enfield

6 quick facts about the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 image

Royal Enfield motorcycles, which remained largely unchanged since their introduction in 1901, have always been known to be one of the worst in terms of excessive engine vibrations, which became part of the brand’s character.

With the newly-developed 350cc engine that it shares with the Meteor and Classic, the new Hunter 350 now boasts a riding character that is comparable to the smoother-riding Japanese motorcycles.

Models are available

6 quick facts about the new Royal Enfield Hunter 350 image

Unlike other motorcycle brands whose new models are “on the way” due to supply issues, Royal Enfield Pilipinas assures its clients that the new Hunter 350 and its variants are well-stocked and available in their showrooms.

“All models [and variants] are available. We are fully stocked and ready to roll,” says Lyle de Leon, National Sales Manager for Royal Enfield. For more information, visit Royal Enfield Pilipinas' official social media pages.