QJ-made H-D X350 makes public appearance at Shanghai

Rumors of a Chinese-made, sub-400cc Harley-Davidson has been around for a couple of years now. At the recently concluded Auto Shanghai, the QJ-made Harley-Davidson X350 makes its first (as far as we know) public appearance and it’s built for the Chinese and possibly, Southeast Asian market as well.

Harley that is very Benelli

We all know that QJ – one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world – is the owner or has large shares in some of the well-known motorcycle brands, is the owner of the 112-year-old Italian marque Benelli.

350cc Harley-Davidson seen at Auto Shanghai image

For the X350, the bike has been made from the ground up by QJ and is obviously based on the Leoncino, a motorcycle model from Benelli. It is powered by a 335cc liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that produces about 37 Ps of power and 30 Nm of torque.

An all-LED lighting comes as a plus for the X350, and the tank pays homage to the bigger Sportsters of Harley-Davidson. Other highlights of the X350 include a classic-looking speedometer, 43mm forks, dual 4-piston front brake calipers, ABS, and that Harley-Davidson badge.

The SRP of the X350 in China is said to be CNY 33,388 or roughly PHP 268,000 (direct conversion).