Suzuki fastest bike now in the country

Suzuki Philippines is proud to bring back the most powerful production bike ever built in Hamamatsu – the Hayabusa.

First introduced in 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa immediately became the world’s fastest production motorcycle, reaching an almost (then) mythical speed of 312 kilometers per hour. It was said that Suzuki chose the name Hayabusa – Japanese for the peregrine falcon – to metaphorically prey on Honda’s CBR1100 XX Blackbird, which was then the world’s fastest production motorcycle.

More aerodynamic styling

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa now in the PH priced at PhP1.088 M image

Suzuki says that there are more than 550 new parts on the new 'Busa. These parts are rather an evolution of those seen on the outgoing model, with the goal of controlling the Busa’s claimed 190 Ps of power and more importantly, meet the current Euro-5 regulations.

The ‘Busa sports a sleeker, more aerodynamic silhouette. Built under the design concept, "the refined beast", the new Hayabusa's long, low stance was created to evoke power, performance, poise and keen perceptive abilities possessed by a bird of prey.

For its iconic façade, the Hayabusa has retained its vertically stacked low beam and projector-type high beam headlights, now with LED lighting. Its position lights now integrated turn signals, neatly flanking the outer edges of the large SRAD air intakes. In the rear, Suzuki has fitted a bold new LED taillight and rear turn signal design for a single wide, sharp form.

Further refined engine

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa now in the PH priced at PhP1.088 M image

While the new Busa retains the same 1,340 cc inline-4 cylinder engine, Suzuki engineers further refined the engine so that it can now deliver power and torque more smoothly from low to mid-range rpm. Maximum power is rated at 187.7 bhp at 9,700 rpm while peak torque is 150 Nm at 7,000 rpm. It’s paired to a six-speed transmission.

Other new features include a revised intake system that includes the Suzuki Ram-Air Direct or SRAD, new exhaust system, new ride-by-wire system for improved throttle response, and a new subframe which Suzuki claims to be 600 grams lighter than that of the outgoing model.

Comprehensive electronics

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa now in the PH priced at PhP1.088 M image

Reinging in all that power is the incorporation of an advanced version of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System or S.I.R.S, which is a collection of rider aids that include traction control, quick shifter, cruise control, and of course, ride modes. They’re all controlled by the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector Alpha (SDMS-α) which groups together five advanced electronic control systems while enabling riders to select individual settings for each. SDMS-α comes with three factory presets: A, B, C, and three programmable user modes: U1, U2, U3.

Besides the drive mode selection, the Hayabusa also comes with an Anti-lift Control system (which prevents front wheel lift), an Engine Brake Control system, Motion Track Traction Control System (to maintain leaning stability), Launch Control System, Active Speed Limiter, Cruise Control System, Emergency Stop Signal, Motion Track Brake System, Slope Dependent Control System (which prevents rear wheel lift when braking), and a Hill Hold Control System.

Another feature is its Bi-directional Quick Shift System which allows quicker shifts without the need to operate the clutch or throttle with various modes.

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa now in the PH priced at PhP1.088 M image

All of these can be seen and controlled on the instrument cluster. It features a mix of digital and analog displays. Suzuki has retained the two large dials; the analog tach and speedometer. In the center is the new TFT LCD panel tha shows the current SDMS-α systems settings. It also features an Active Data display with functions like real-time lean angle (with peak-hold function), front and rear brake pressure, rate of acceleration, and throttle position.

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa now in the PH priced at PhP1.088 M image

The Hayabusa is now available in the Philippines, priced at PhP1,088,000. The bikes themselves will be on display starting June 28, 2021. Contact your nearest authorized Suzuki big bike dealer to reserve a unit.