Neo-retro Honda CB350 RS launched in India

The Honda CB family of motorcycles is perhaps one of the reasons why Honda is the number 1 motorcycle manufacturer in the world. First introduced over 60 years ago, the CB has evolved into several versions from its humble universal japanese motorcycle beginnings.

Just a few months ago, Honda in India unveiled a special CB350 for their market called the H'ness (pronounced highness). It was well received, convincing the distributor to launch a scrambler version.

Now, a new neo-retro CB350 RS has been launched in India.

CB350 RS

Unlike the H'ness, the new CB350 RS features a slightly more aggressive riding position, largely due to the bike’s “drag-inspired” handlebar, “minimalistc” approach to the fenders, skid plate, and sporty exhaust.

Despite the retro look, it's pretty high tech, boasting of a digital and analog meter, and all-LED lights and turn signals.

2021 Honda CB350 RS launched image

As with the many CB models that came before it, the new CB350 RS's engine is prominently visible. Honda has also retained its trademark fuel tank shape. The engine is still the potent 348cc air-cooled thumper that produces about 22 Ps of power and a claimed 30 Nm of torque. The transmission was also updated with assist and slipper clutch.

Fuel tank capacity is 15 liters, which is claimed to reach up to 450 kilometers in one top-up.

Will we get it here in the PH?

As seemingly promising as the CB350 RS may be for our local market, unfortunately, the bike is for the Indian market only, at least for now. Also, we doubt that Honda will bring the CB350 RS here due to the fact that the 350cc powerplant is still not "expressway-legal”.

But who knows? Maybe, just maybe, Honda will have a change of heart and bring the CB350 here. Perhaps they can even upgrade it to a 400cc?