CFMoto unwraps MT800 adventure bike

Much has been speculated about CFMoto’s upcoming adventure bike. In October of last year, spy shots circulated of what appears to be a CFMoto Adventure bike. Now, it has finally been revealed.

KTM LC8 engine

Is this CF Moto’s KTM-powered adventure bike? imageCFMoto MT800 adventure variant

So why does it have a KTM engine? This model is borne out of KTM-CFMoto technical partnership. It uses the same LC8 engine that powers KTM’s 790 Adventure and Duke.

CFMoto, however, has yet to release the full specs of the LC8 fitted on the MT800. For comparison, however, the LC8 that is currently fitted on the 790 Duke and Adventure produces 94 Ps and 88 Nm of torque.

But remember, these are KTM's settings. Expect that CFMoto will tune their LC8 a little differently to give the MT800 its own character.

Exterior design

Besides the engine, the new MT800 looks like any traditional adventure bike, complete with provisions for saddlebags and a top case.

There appear to be two versions of the MT800 adventure bike. The adventure-spec unit will feature longer suspension travel, spoked wheels, and accessories like a skid plate, crash bar, and a taller windscreen.

Is this CF Moto’s KTM-powered adventure bike? imageMT800 road version

The road version looks lower in terms of ride height, has cast alloy wheels, and seems to lack the underbelly skid plate. Of course, they won't be necessary for a road-going version.

Both versions feature 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels.

Will it come to the Philippines?

When it comes to Chinese-built motorcycles, our country is usually one of the first to receive them. Unfortunately, Motostrada – the official Philippine distributor of CFMoto motorcycles here in the country — has not yet confirmed any details about the new MT800 adventure bike, and so far, there is no pricing yet. Rest assured we'll update you as soon as we receive word.