All 2020 Seslong Festival festivities cancelled as precaution against COVID-19

The mayor of T'boli South Cotabato, Dibu Tuan, has ordered the cessation of all remaining activities of the 2020 Seslong Festival, following President Rodrigo Duterte's Proclamation No. 922 and Executive Order No. 15 of Governor Reynaldo Tamayo Jr. of South Cotabato.

“In the greater interest of public health and safety, it is with deepest regret that we have to cease all festivities and activities of the 22nd Seslong Festival and 46th Foundation Anniversary. This is also in compliance with Pres. Proclamation No. 922 and Executive Order No. 15 of the Provincial Governor of South Cotabato. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!” said the mayor through his official social media account.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the Seslong Festival is the 160-kilometer enduro race that tests both the skills and endurance of riders from all over the Philippines.

The COVID-19 is already taking its toll on the motorcycle industry. Just last Monday, we published news about the possible delayed arrival of the Yamaha XSR 155 due to quarantine and lockdown protocols in factories in our ASEAN neighbor countries due to COVID-19.

Also this week, Italy became the first nation to impose a full quarantine on the whole country as a measure to fight the COVID-19. This has urged people to stay in their homes, inevitably affecting the production of Italian motorcycles. In motorsports, MotoGP is also contemplating on extending the 2020 season up to December due to several races that were canceled as precautions against COVID-19.