All-new Yamaha X-MAX 300 replaces X-MAX 250

Yamaha announced that its new maxi scooter, the X-MAX 300, will replace the previous X-MAX 250. The brand new model has a bigger and better 292cc single-cylinder engine among other updates that boost performance, increase fuel economy, and reduce emissions.

The X-MAX 300, while developed from its 250 predecessor, is designed with a new compact chassis, motorcycle-style telescopic front forks (attesting to TMAX DNA), disc brakes, and dynamic bodywork. Traction control and ABS comes standard.

Rear quarter of the 2017 Yamaha X-MAX 300

Its next-gen Blue Core technology achieves more power and less fuel consumption with optimal shape and timing for its 4 valves, as well as an improved fuel injection system. The SOHC engine on the X-MAX 300 features a high-compression hemispherical combustion chamber—in an offset cylinder constructed with Yamaha’s trademarked DiASil (Die-cast Aluminum Silicon) technology.

Bright LED bulbs for the X-MAX’s alluring twin-eye front face and wraparound tail lights enhance vision at night as well as rider visibility for those you share the road with. Lift the seat for spacious storage that can fit 2 full-face helmets. Start the ride keyless with the Smart Key ignition system. This scooter also comes with a 12V power outlet for charging devices. Adjust the windshield screen for your height and to your preference.

The dual gauge cluster of the 2017 Yamaha X-MAX 300

Maximum power is claimed at 28 PS at 7500 rpm. Max torque at 5750 rpm is rated at 29 Nm. With exciting upgrades from the X-MAX 250, the X-MAX 300 is set to become one of Yamaha’s go-to maxi scooters for both comfortable city commuting and out-of-town energetic touring—all in a stylish and technologically modern package.

The 2017 Yamaha X-MAX 300 in action

Price has yet to be announced, but the Yamaha X-MAX 300 will be available next year in 3 colors: Quasar Bronze, Lunar Grey, and Milky White.