Medical examinations still required

As the Land Transportation Office rolls out the 10-year valid driver’s licenses in its NCR offices starting tomorrow, November 3, 2021, more and more questions are being answered.

One of these is the issue of medical evaluation. To recap, back in August, the LTO conducted a public consultation that was attended by doctors. Their inputs were taken into consideration to out some specifics about the 10-year valid DLs.

According to the doctors who were in attendance, they were concerned that the issuance of a 10-year valid DL may be too much for some drivers, as a lot can change in both the physical and mental aspects of the driver within the next decade.

As such, the agency has set some conditions with regard to one's health when it comes to the license period.

Medical evaluation on the 4th, 7th and 10th year

10 year driver

The LTO has laid down some rules to govern the issuance of 10-year DL. According to the LTO, in addition to the medical examination that is required upon renewal, a Periodic Medical Examination (PME) will be required of drivers on the 4th year of having the 10-year valid DL. Additionally, drivers will also be required to undergo a PME on the 7th year and again on the 10th year, if the driver wishes to renew his or her DL.

Elder drivers most at risk

Elderly drivers (in their 50s or older) are the ones more likely to experience drastic changes in mental and physical health. Situations like deterioration of eyesight due to illness or simply because of age are some of the common physical changes doctors are concerned about.

To reduce this risk and inconvenience, Dr. Anabel Banzon said the LTO should consider putting an age bracket, instead of requiring everyone who’s eligible for the 10-year DL to undergo medical evaluation every 2 or 3 years.

This part, however, has yet to be clarified by the LTO.

5-year DL now required to undergo PME

On the same infographic that came from the LTO, holders of driver's licenses with 5-years validity are now required to also undergo a PME on the third year. Yes, on the third year. Driver's license holders with 5-year validity are now required to undergo a medical examination on the third year to see if they are still fit to drive or ride a motorcycle.

Medical evaluations usually cost around PHP 300.00 at any of LTO's accredited clinics.