Return home safely with your bike with Bike Butler motorcycle towing

It’s been two years since we had unrestricted holiday celebrations. Christmas parties are happening left and right: from company-sponsored parties to your motorcycle club’s party, food and alcoholic beverages are overflowing.

There’s definitely no problem with a little fun and drinking with your riding friends or work colleagues, the problem, however, lies when we ride our motorcycle intoxicated after the party.

Too drunk to ride? This 'motorcycle taxi' will take you home safely image

Not only that it is dangerous, but it is also against the law. If you are caught or got involved in a road crash while intoxicated, the fines could easily rack up to PHP 500,000 and may also include jail time.

But where’s the fun at parties if we don’t drink just like most adults our age? So, you’ll be stuck with a dilemma: have a boring party without consuming any alcoholic beverage and ride back home sober; or, party like an animal but risk riding drunk.

Thankfully, it is 2022 and you can now party like an animal and still get home safely with your motorcycle. How? This is where “motorcycle taxi” services like Bike Butler come in handy.

Bike Butler

Bike Butler, is an on-call service that specializes in motorcycle towing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a motorcycle mechanical breakdown, Bike Butler is like a taxi that is just one phone call away to rescue you and your motorcycle and bring you home safely.

Too drunk to ride? This 'motorcycle taxi' will take you home safely image

Now that parties are everywhere, you can still go home safely without leaving your motorcycle at the party place, thanks to Bike Butler’s 24/7 assistance.

Riding a big bike or a scooter? Bike Butler’s high-roof van can load up to two big displacement motorcycles and small scooters in one go. The motorcycle rider, on the other hand, can sit comfortably on the captain seat inside the van.

Bike Butler's services are not limited to picking you and your motorcycle up during an emergency, or when you're too drunk to ride. In fact, thanks to the availability of online banking, one can buy a new motorcycle without the need to visit the showroom and have Bike Butler take care of the delivery of your brand new motorcycle straight to your doorstep.

It is more expensive if you ride home drunk

Considering the dire consequences of riding your motorcycle while intoxicated (full story here), being safe and shelling out on services like Bike Butler is still far cheaper than risking riding while under the influence.

Too drunk to ride? This 'motorcycle taxi' will take you home safely image

As mentioned above, if you are caught or got involved in a road crash while intoxicated, the penalties could easily reach up to half a million, not to mention attorney fees and the hassle associated with the mishap. Starting at only *PHP 3,000, Bike Butler’s services are way, way cheaper than the risks involved when you ride drunk. 

Additionally, it is worth noting that Bike Butler also offers motorcycle insurance on easy payment terms, making your everyday ride worry-free.

As motorcycle riders, we love to spend a good time together with other people who are also passionate about motorcycles – which is often done over a bottle of liquor.

While we can always take a cab or commute via jeepney so as to not risk riding drunk, I don’t think that there’s a rider who would leave his/her ride behind, right?

For more information on Bike Butler's services, please visit their official social media page or call 0967-440-1080.

*Rates may differ depending on the distance and are subject to change without notice.