Peter Fonda and Evel Knievel promote safer riding

In 1973, actor Peter Fonda worked with motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel in a short film called “Not So Easy." It was produced to spread awareness among motorcycle riders to always wear the proper riding gear and safe riding techniques.

Almost 50 years after it was released, the topics discussed in this short film are still relevant, especially wearing a helmet. "I've ridden bikes for quite a few [thousand] miles, and for quite some time too. It's a great way to get around, it's a good sport - if you know what you're doing. If you don't know, it could be a quick ride to the hospital, or, even a graveyard," said actor Peter Fonda, who starred in the iconic movie, Easy Rider.

Evel Knievel, who is a legendary stunt rider and daredevil, also reminded motorcycle riders to never ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet “Nobody should ever ride a motorcycle without a helmet.”

Knievel reminds vieweres that his safety gear had saved a lot of hide (skin) during crashes, even when he was not doing any stunt work. “3 out of 4 fatalities on a motorcycle have resulted from head injuries. If the rider had been wearing a helmet, he may be alive today,” Knievel added.

The film also reminds motorcycle riders to always check the brakes, gasoline (level) and rear-view mirrors before riding, which should be pretty basic, but many motorcycle riders often forget.

Getting a feel for the motorcycle is also important, says Knievel. That includes knowing the braking distance, shifting, ergonomics and how the motorcycle behaves before hitting the road.

“For some reason, some car drivers just don't seem to see bikes.” A lot of motorcycle-related accidents these days are because of drivers not seeing riders, so it is always best to increase your visibility by wearing high-visibility colored helmets or riding gear, even to always switch your headlights on whether mandated by law or not.

Almost 50 years after it was filmed, Not So Easy is still a great instructional film to watch, especially for both newbie and experienced riders.