We test Touratech's Progressive Suspension System

Since its introduction in 2019, the Ténéré 700 (T7) has consistently been one of Yamaha’s best-selling motorcycles and is dominating sales in the middleweight adventure bike segment. Perhaps, one of the selling points of the T7 is its very basic setup. There are no fancy computer-generated riding modes, and just the ABS as a riding aid.

However, this basic setup is also what many owners dislike about the T7, especially how basic its suspension is. The T7’s stock suspension is so bad that a lot of owners say they get “thrown away” when riding off-road.

Product Review: Touratech suspension for Tenere 700 image

Our friend and T7 owner, Vic Ochoa, shares with MotoPinas.com how his bike handles after upgrading to an aftermarket suspension from our friends at Touratech Philippines as we took our steeds to the finest backroads of Lobo, Batangas, has to offer.

Touratech Progressive Suspension System

Product Review: Touratech suspension for Tenere 700 image

Photo courtesy of Vic Ochoa


The suspension system is a very important part of a motorcycle. Not only that it absorb bumps, but the suspension system is also responsible for providing comfort and stability which then contributes to safety when it comes to handling and braking.

This also explains why a lot of pro riders have “suspension set up” as No. 1 in their to-do list before hopping on a motorcycle for the first time.

Product Review: Touratech suspension for Tenere 700 image

Vic, who has been riding his beloved T7 for 2 years, was immediately stunned at how different it handles now, especially when compared to our year-end adventure ride a few weeks ago. He added that it was “heaven and earth” when compared to the T7’s stock suspension performance.

Stays planted

Product Review: Touratech suspension for Tenere 700 image

Our friends from Samahang Batangueno Karibok (SBK) Jibong Abella (KTM 790 Adventure R) and Jerwin Matibag (Yamaha YZ250) on the front, while Julius Beron as our sweeper (KTM 790 Adventure R). Vincy Buenaventura on his Husqvarna Norden 901 and Vic Ochoa on his T7.


In Vic’s own words, the stock suspension of the T7 felt like the bike wanted to throw him away when being ridden even on basic off-road. Now with the Touratech Progressive Suspension System, his bike stays ‘planted’ even if crossing in between ruts.

On stock suspension, riding his T7 over a rocky section could spell disaster due to loss of grip. Now with the Touratech Progressive Suspension System installed, the T7 just “glides” over rocks, absorbing the bumps while maintaining wheel grip all the time.

ZERO nose dive

One of the common issues of the stock T7 suspension is that it bottoms during sudden braking. This ‘nose dive’ is now eliminated, according to Vic, thanks to the progressive shock absorption of the Touratech suspension.

Practical upgrade

Product Review: Touratech suspension for Tenere 700 image

You can get the Touratech Progressive Suspension System from the official Touratech Philippines store in Shaw BLVD, Pasig, for only PHP 29,512. This already includes the progressive front and rear springs. Considering the T7’s SRP of PHP 679,000, a less-than-30K-peso upgrade is AFFORDABLE and PRACTICAL at the same time.

The T7’s accessory catalog is endless, but a lot of these “upgrades” are just for the bling and may serve no use when it comes to real adventure riding. As mentioned above, a motorcycle's suspension plays a crucial part in comfort, stability, and safety.

Best of all, Touratech Philippines offers FREE installation if you purchase this suspension system from them.