Renew your driver’s license at LTO’s DLRO

As a motorist, we are required by law to possess a valid driver’s license (DL) at all times when driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle. This DL is proof that we have the skills and know-how of how to operate a motorized vehicle. This DL is issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) as a privilege and not as a right and is not valid forever.

There will come a time when, as a motorist, you will need to renew your DL at the nearest LTO to continue enjoying the privilege of driving or riding. The expiration date is usually set by the LTO on the DL holder’s birthday and is indicated on the card.

5 years to 10 years

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For holders of DLs that have a 5-year validity, renewing it is not rocket science and is very simple and easy, especially if it’s PLAIN RENEWAL – meaning you were a law-abiding driver for the past 5 years and didn’t have any traffic violations. Congratulations! That means you are now eligible for a driver’s license that is valid for 10 years.


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The first step before going to the LTO to renew your DL is to log on (or create an account if new user) to the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) portal. LTMS is an online platform of the LTO where the agency’s services can be processed digitally in the comfort of your home or office, or elsewhere there is internet access.

Think of it as a one-stop shop where a motorist can process various transactions including requests for revision of records, requests for Certificate of No Apprehension, and take online seminars on various road safety topics.

Since you’re already a holder of a DL with a 5-year validity and have had no traffic violations for the past 5 years, you can go ahead and take the Comprehensive Driver’s Education (CDE) exam.

The exam has 25 questions about traffic rules and pertinent laws. Some of the questions in the CDE exam will also test your decision-making skills in some driving-related situations and road safety.

The minimum passing score is 80% or at least 20 correct answers. The CDE exam can also be taken within 60 days before your DL’s expiration date.

Once you pass the CDE exam, print the certificate and bring it with you.

Medical Exam

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The next step is to undergo a medical exam at an LTO-accredited clinic. They will check your blood pressure, height, weight, and finally your eyesight. The doctor will recommend if you’re physically fit to drive or with conditions such as wearing prescription glasses or other physical impairment tools.

The result of your medical exam will be sent to the LTO via online by the LTO-accredited clinic. In some cases, the LTO-accredited clinic will provide you a paper copy of your medical exam result which you will then submit later to LTO.

Typically, the fee for the medical exam is between PHP 500.00 to PHP 600.00. Also for your convenience, you may opt to undergo a medical exam through an LTO-accredited clinic that is near a DLRO inside the mall’s premises.

Driver’s License Renewal Office (DLRO)

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In the old days, renewing your DL could only be done at an LTO regional or district office – which is usually a 1 or 2-day ordeal (maybe more). These days, DL (plain) renewal can be done at any Driver’s License Renewal Offices (DLRO) that are conveniently located inside malls.

Once at your preferred mall DLRO, proceed to Window 1 or customer service and submit your expired DL along with the CDE certificate (and medical exam result if you were given a paper copy earlier) and get a number. If there’s no number, just wait for your name to be called.

Your name will be called to proceed to Window 2 for fingerprint, photo, and signature and you will be asked if the information on the screen (which will be printed on your DL) is correct.

Note: Since this is a plain renewal of a 5-year DL, your information is already stored in LTMS and the LTO personnel will ask if you want to retain your old photo and signature or if you want to have a new photo and signature.

After a few minutes, your name will be called again to proceed to Window 3 to settle the PHP 585.00 license fee.

Again, congratulations! You are now a bonafide holder of a 10-year driver’s license!

Additional notes

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Creating an account in LTMS is FREE. LTMS log-in is FREE. The CDE exam is also FREE.

Due to the plastic card supply issue of the LTO, a temporary paper DL will be issued to you most likely.

You can also access your digital DL on LTMS. Your digital DL or e-Driver’s License is valid as the physical DL.

In most DLROs, the bulk of clients renewing their DLs usually come in the morning. If you don’t want to spend 30 to 45 minutes renewing your DL, try going to your preferred DLRO in the afternoon when there are fewer clients.

DLROs are open Mondays to Fridays and some are also open on Saturdays. Check out their schedule on their official social media pages.

The LTO has extended the validity of expired DLs due to the plastic card supply issue. However, this might be the best time to renew your DL as fewer clients are transacting with the agency.