Riding the new Suzuki Avenis

A couple of days ago, our friends from Suzuki Philippines arranged for a quick ride with media friends and bloggers onboard the new Avenis – which is Hamamatsu’s ‘muscular and sporty scooter’.

Though the ride to Morong, Rizal, through Antipolo was short and sweet, the saddle time was more than enough for us to notice these five great facts about the new Avenis.

Bigger and better digital panel

Fast five: 5 quick facts about the new Suzuki Avenis image

Coming from someone who rides the Burgman Street on a daily basis, the fully-digital panel gauge of the new Avenis seems to be larger than the one on the Burgman Street.

Also, besides the basic information such as speed, fuel, and the trip meter, the one on the Avenis also displays the engine temperature and the average fuel economy. These are very important, especially now that the price of gasoline is still high. The temperature will let the rider know that the Avenis’ engine has already reached its optimal temperature – avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption during warm-up.

Also, the average fuel economy meter allows the rider to be on top of his fuel consumption by giving him this real-time data – allowing him to manage his fuel savings.

Easy-to-access fuel tank

Fast five: 5 quick facts about the new Suzuki Avenis image

Unlike most scooters which require you to open the under-seat utility compartment every time you refuel, the new Suzuki Avenis boasts an easy-to-access fuel tank by moving the fuel cap at the rear, right after the edge of the pillion seat. This makes refueling more convenient for its rider.

The Avenis is top box friendly

Fast five: 5 quick facts about the new Suzuki Avenis image

Because of the new rear fuel cap design, a lot of riders have speculated that installing a rear top box will be impossible for the new Suzuki Avenis. False.

With a bracket that is similar in design to the King of Underbones, the Suzuki Raider R150, installing a rear top box is very much possible with the new Avenis.


Fast five: 5 quick facts about the new Suzuki Avenis image

With its muscular and sporty design, the new Suzuki Avenis is more aggressive in terms of rideability compared with the Burgman Street.

Unlike the Burgman Street, the Avenis has a smaller step board that is designed to allow the rider to ride more aggressively and faster.

4 kilos lighter

Fast five: 5 quick facts about the new Suzuki Avenis image

Though the Suzuki Burgman Street and the new Avenis scooters share the same platform and the same fuel-efficient 125cc engine, the Avenis is 4 kilograms lighter than the Burgman Street.

This weight savings means that the Avenis can sprint way faster than the Burgman Street.

With an SRP of only PHP 77,900, the new Suzuki Avenis is one of the most affordable 125cc scooters available in the market today. For inquiries, visit suzuki.com.ph or their official social media page.