Why Liquid Gasket Sealant?

Your motorcycle, just like everything else, also needs repair and maintenance. A proper way to avoid the hassle of a broken bike is to always "Do it right". Find out which of Pioneer’s affordable and innovative "Automoto" you should have handy in your toolbox.

Seeing a leak right underneath your 2-wheel vehicle is always stressful. Leaving it as-is would eventually result in permanent damage to your motorcycle.  Using a liquid gasket sealant simply is the answer and your quick fix!

So what is a liquid gasket sealant?

It is a fluidic substance that dries or becomes uniform when applied to a joint surface, forming a thin adhesive layer. This allows mechanical joints to be oil-tight, water-tight, and airtight preventing leakage. It is highly flexible, adjusting its shape and size with the flange movement, and can cope with scratched, damaged, or pitted metal surfaces.

Because it’s a “liquid” sealant, the adhesive simply flows into the gap of the damaged or scratched metal surface, preventing leakage just like that. It’s almost like a “metal to metal” design since the liquid looks like a part of the mechanism already, for those that are concerned over the aesthetics of their vehicles.

Of course, it is also a single component sealant so no need to worry about mixing and getting the right volumes together. Simply let it flow! It’s also preferable for those heavy-handed people that are concerned they might break or damage pre-formed solid gasket sealants; no need to add even more stress to an already stressful situation!

Even when you’re done using them, they still have a benefit. Since they’re liquid, excess materials remain liquid and so they can easily be cleaned or flushed throughout the system. No thinking about how you’re going to scrape something off.

Whether you're a DIY-er or a workshop, Pioneer’s Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant fits the job! It's an easy to apply, low-cost sealant with a universal application so you don't need to stress about gasket sizes and compatibility when it comes to repairing your motorcycle.

Do it right all the time with Pioneer Might Gasket Liquid Engine Sealant image


The Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant is perfect for your motorcycle engine maintenance! It is a high viscoelastic type of sealant capable of joining uneven surfaces, enhancing seals, and helping prevent leakages in motorcycle engine parts, with a great temperature resistance of up to 150 degrees Celsius. 

It has a fast setting time and is resistant to heat, oil, gasoline, LPG, water, stream, and anti-freeze.

Easy to use, all you have to do is make sure the bonding surfaces are wiped and cleaned before applying a thin layer of the sealant on both surfaces.

If you need to do adjustments to the application, this one is non-hardening for easy dismantling of parts. So no need to panic thinking about having to work quickly before it settles into a hard-to-remove solid form.

The Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant can work on joints and gaskets, flange surfaces, oil filters and drain plug fitting surfaces, transmission joined flange surfaces, fuel pump joined surfaces, crankcase, and cylinder heads, and carburetor manifolds. It can be applied to various shapes and sizes. You name it, it can seal it!

So do it right and do yourself a solid and be sure to have some Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant with you on your next drive, or when going out for repairs!

Pioneer Mighty Gasket Liquid Grey Engine Sealant is available nationwide at your nearest motorcycle and hardware stores. The product is also available online via Shopee and Lazada.