2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

We test this premium e-scooter from BMW

BMW has been toying around with the idea of producing electric motorcycles since 2016. In 2019, the German brand showed us the Vision DC Roadster – which took inspiration from the legendary R 32 motorcycle, complete with a “boxer engine” integrated into the design.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

Also in 2019, BMW took the S 1000 R and swapped its engine with an electric motor from a BMW 7 Series hybrid and its fuel tank for a BMW 2 Series electric vehicle’s battery. The result: an electric S 1000 R that’s capable of producing over 1,5000 Nm of torque and 0-100 kilometers per hour in under 3 seconds.

All these works translated into the introduction of the CE 04 concept the next year, which then became a full production model in 2021.

The first batch of the CE 04 arrived in the country in late 2022 and we had the privilege to be one of the first few to try out BMW’s electric scooter offering once the demo units had been activated and become available.

BMW iX power

With the abundance of technology related to its electric cars business, all it took for BMW Motorrad was to tap into its inventory for the iX line of fully electric cars to construct the CE 04. The engine was said to be borrowed from the iX, including a quarter of the total battery pack of the iX. Both the engine and battery sits down low on the scooter’s chassis to keep the weight at the very bottom.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

CE 04's cutaway view


Though on paper, the CE 04 only has 62 Nm of torque, BMW had to extend the swingarm so that this e-scooter wouldn’t go wild with unintended wheelies because of its very strong electric motor. To give you an example, the CE 04 demo unit has outrun a lot of inline-4 motorcycles on a 0-100 kph sprint – based on our experience.

As for the aesthetics, it is quite subjective. Some die-hard BMW fanatics may not like the CE 04’s mecha-inspired styling, we at MotoPinas.com have already fallen in love with it the first time we saw it on the internet.

Riding the CE 04

I wouldn’t consider myself a newbie when it comes to riding electric motorcycles or scooters. In fact, we’ve had riding experiences with Minimotors’ Bluetran Lightning and CFMOTO’s ZEEHO AE8 (which we took for a long ride to Dingalan, Aurora) so I’m quite familiar with the characteristics of an electric 2-wheeler.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

The CE 04, of course, with its bigger overall dimensions and bigger battery pack vs. the Bluetran and the AE8, rides more like a GS than a small scooter. Even at 231 kilograms, the CE 04 stops precisely thanks to its pair of J.Juan 4-piston calipers on the front and single disc brake on the rear, with ABS.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

The CE 04's 10.25-inch TFT screen shows the remaining range. Dynamic and ECO riding modes give the maximum regenerative charging in all riding modes


Being an off-road rider, I would naturally prefer a motorcycle with a suspension that is on the softer side of settings, and that’s exactly what the CE 04 has. This moderately soft suspension setting of the CE 04 did a great job in absorbing the bumps and cracks on our poorly constructed roads.

I also find riding on Dynamic riding mode the best in all of the riding modes available. Not only that it accelerates better than a liter bike, Dynamic riding mode also gives the best regenerative charging. ECO riding mode does the same regenerative charging but with a softer throttle response. The other riding modes are Road and Rain.


The CE 04 is supplied with a Type 2 charger complete with a 5-meter cable. On 6A (minimum) setting, you can plug the CE 04 on a normal home socket or extension with minimal heat generated. When BMW's e-scooter was on loan with us, our average daily urban use was 50% of the battery or about 50 kilometers of riding under both moderate and heavy traffic conditions and it took 3 hours to fully charge the CE 04 at home. At the time, the CE 04 consumed 6 kilowatts per charge, totaling 12 kilowatts on 2 charging occasions, still at home.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

If my math is right, at PHP 12.00/ kilowatt hour, plus the add-ons by Meralco, I spent less than PHP 200.00 for 100 kilometers of riding the CE 04. Good thing, SM Supermalls, Solaric Philippines, and many establishments now offer FREE EV charging to promote sustainable means of transportation, and my last 2 charging trips were done at SM (though the parking fee is NOT free for EVs).

To get the best out of the benefits being offered by an EV, it is better to get the energy from a renewable source, like solar power or wind. Only then you can truly say that you are riding at "ZERO emissions." Good thing that the EV industry and related technology are slowly but surely growing, and soon enough, charging stations will be popping up everywhere and getting juice for your e-scooter like the CE 04 will be as simple as spending a few minutes at 7Eleven.

Certified head-turner

Because of its long wheelbase, maxi-scooter size, odd futuristic design and of course, the BMW roundel, a lot of people can’t help but engage in a friendly convo with me and tell me how they appreciate seeing such an e-scooter.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

Also, the following questions seem to be very common every time someone stops to appreciate the CE 04: 1) How much is it? 2) What’s the top speed? 3) What’s the battery range? 4) Is it expressway legal?

My answers are always the same: 1) It was PHP 1.055 million but because of the recent passage of EV Law, the price went down to PHP 895,000. 2) I haven’t tried because it’s always traffic anyway 3) BMW says 130 kilometers, but in normal urban traffic conditions, I estimate it can only go between 100 to 110 kilometers judging from the remaining battery charge on Dynamic riding mode. 4) Currently, no. The LTO classifies the CE 04 under Category L3 electric vehicle which means it is allowed on all types of roads except limited access highways, aka expressways. However, the LTO also said that it is the Department of Transportation (DOTr) that will determine if units with higher power ratings and capable of cruising at high speeds – like the CE 04 – can enter the expressways by issuing a separate order/memo in the future.

2023 BMW CE-04 electric scooter image

The U-box can fit a full-face helmet but we used it to carry 2 carrot cakes instead for pasalubong


It is also worth noting that although Category L3 e-scooters should be regulated just the same as a normal motorcycle, authorities are still lenient in implementing these rules on EVs, and riding an e-scooter still enjoys a lot of the privileges given to cyclists and other personal mobility devices (PMDs). Can you imagine, riding around Metro Manila without the fear of being ticketed for a traffic violation?

Though its range is largely limited to urban riding only by its batteries, thanks to SM Supermalls' network that offers FREE EV Charging, one can theoretically ride around the country without spending a dime on gasoline – but that’s for another story here at MotoPinas.com.

  • Make:BMW
  • Model:CE-04
  • Engine:Permanent magnet liquid-cooled synchronous motor
  • Transmission:Clutchless, single speed
  • Max Power:42 Ps
  • Max Torque:62 Nm
  • Frame:Epoxy-treated tubular steel
  • Wheelbase:1,675 mm
  • Seat Height:780 mm
  • FR Suspension:Telescopic
  • RR Suspension:Spring with preload adjustment
  • FR Brake:4-piston J.Juan caliper, double disc
  • RR Brake:J.Juan caliper, single disc
  • Wet Weight:231 kilograms
  • Fuel Capacity:n/a
  • Price as Tested:₱ 895,000










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