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Jenna V. Genio is a freelance photographer, writer, visual artist, and force multiplier. As an aspiring adventurer in a love affair with all things epic - she loves documenting her outdoor pursuits and riding motorbikes. Jenna also shares her body of work relating to cars, motorcycles, and aviation under the moniker 'Dæmon Ex Machina'.

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The past 3 Moto Builds Pilipinas winners pit their skills against each other for this year's Battle of the Champs.

posted May 22, 2018 09:52 by Jenna Genio
The bike that won the 2018 Moto Builds Pilipinas 'Battle of the Champs' image

Makina presents the 2018 Big Bike Expo with Moto Builds Pilipinas, an extravaganza of large-displacement and custom motorcycles.

posted May 15, 2018 09:17 by Jenna Genio
Big Bike Expo x Moto Builds Pilipinas 2018 coming this weekend image

Texas-based Filipino photographer, Joachim Rayos, takes us through the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, staged during the 2018 MotoGP weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

posted May 11, 2018 14:55 by Jenna Genio
The 2018 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas image

The recently concluded, sand-kicking, hydroplaning Lahardcore Challenge was crazy beautiful.

posted April 24, 2018 07:33 by Jenna Genio
First Lahar Invitational Challenge kicks up dust and rooster tails image

India now requires ABS on all new bikes above 125 cc and CBS for those blow 125 cc.

posted April 07, 2018 14:19 by Jenna Genio
Mandatory ABS comes into effect for new motorcycles above 125 cc in India image


Motorcycle riders in the Philippines break more laws than we realize. Many of them are laws as far back as 1987.

posted June 30, 2017 15:28 by Jenna Genio
Lane-splitting is actually illegal in the Philippines image

It may still be illegal in Mandaluyong, but for everywhere else in the country, these 6 tips will make riding in tandem easier, and safer.

posted April 11, 2017 08:23 by Jenna Genio
How to legally 'ride-in-tandem' properly image

The new Yamaha X-MAX 300 gets an engine upgrade to give punchy performance for work and play

posted October 24, 2016 07:01 by Jenna Genio
2017 Yamaha X-MAX 300 maxi scooter launched image

Buying a bike but not sure which one? We divine the differences between the many kinds of motorcycles out there.

posted March 03, 2016 14:52 by Jenna Genio
Know Your Motorcycles image

United Motors (UM) celebrated their entry into the Philippine market on the first day of the Motobuilds Pilipinas 2017.

posted April 22, 2017 14:57 by Jenna Genio
UM Motorcycles launched in the Philippines image