With heavy traffic, few parking spaces, and many destinations to get to in between, it's no surprise that many commuters chose to ride a motorcycle as their daily transport. It can half travel time, squeeze through even the tightest traffic and its fuel consumption is easy on the budget.

Yet even with the motorcycles' many advantages over cars, daily use and the city's traffic can take a toll on the engine. The punishment modern living puts on a motorcycle can cause premature wear and tear, necessitating more visits to the shop or service center for repairs and enduring the long lines to have your bike checked.

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Thankfully, there's a way to keep our beloved motorcycles running smoothly and comfortably on the road for far longer.

Pertua, the Oil and Metal Treatment and blended oil products that have been keeping aging and underperforming vehicles running like new also offers a premium multi-grade 4T Motorcycle Oil.

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What is Pertua Powertec 4T?

Pertua Powertec 4T is a a blended oil product that contains Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment, invented by Engr. Juanito “John” A. Simon, who has an extensive background in metallurgy (the science and technology of metals) and having worked as a researcher in an international oil company in Houston, Texas. Simon developed, perfected and patented a new lubricant technology designed to zero-in on the friction between the metal parts inside internal combustion engines.

Pertua uses the engine oil as a conduit to reach the internal parts of the engine, applying its protection and lubricating properties as it flows. It achieves this with the help of DuraSyn technology. DuraSyn first polarizes the interfacing metal parts, making them repel each other, thus minimizing the abrasive metal to metal contact of the parts at the inter-metallic junction level. Friction is drastically decreased, and as a result, allows smoother engine operation, produces less heat from the engine, and reduces its chances of overheating.

Besides this key anti-friction action, DuraSyn also prevents the oil from turning into sludge and the metal parts from corroding. This allows Pertua treated oils and engines to extend their service life up to three to four times longer than untreated oils and keeps metal parts in pristine condition.

Technical talk aside, what Pertua does is bring back peak engine efficiency, improve gas mileage, and prevent damage from cold starts and low oil circulation at startup.

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Why Pertua Powertec 4T over regular 4T oil?

Typical motorcyc;e oils require a change cycle of around 1,000 – 2,000 kilometers. These are simply designed to lubricate the engine and gears.

Pertua Powertec 4T Oil and Metal Treatment, on the other hand, comes with DuraSyn’s polarizing anti-friction action and anti-oxidation action. These two features allow your engine to rev and idle more smoothly and prolong the life of your oil. The result is smooth, consistent power, lower engine temperature and extended oil life.

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Real Testimonies

Indeed all this may seem like we’re simply harping on a product, yet Pertua offers testimonies from real customers, on their facebook page and www.pertua.com as proof.

“Tested ko Powertec from Las Piñas to Iloilo, very smooth ang takbo ng Raider ko. Di nagbabago yung performance ng R150 ko. Satisfied here. Tumipid pa gas ko,” said Leonedes Lacsi on Pertua's Facebook Fan Page

“Powertec user here. Ok sa motor ko. Tahimik at smooth and ride. Same thing with my tricycle, Powertec din gamit ko. Hindi nag-o-overheat,” said Cesar La Madrid on Pertua's Facebook Fan Page.

“Ang sabi ng iba, gaganda daw performance ng motor ko using Pertua Synthetic Oil (Powertec). After ko gumamit ng Powertec, grabe, di ko inexpect na mas gumanda pa lalo ang takbo ng Yamaha VFI ko. Yung dating nagvivibrate kapag nag-change gear parang swak na swak lage. Hinde Hassle. Sobrang Satisfied ako sa Pertua Oil,” said Jaycee Endrinal on Pertua's Facebook Fan Page.

“The best and Powertec sa Yamaha Mio ko. 3,000 kilometers bago ako magpalit,” said Ronnell Santiago Enriquez on Pertua's Facebook Fan Page.

Our own Test

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Not content with these testimonies, we at MotoPinas.com have tested the Pertua Powertec 4T on our own personal motorcycles. Our 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 with 6,500-km on the odometer was performing satisfactorily despite its age, regularly returning 17.5-km/l. 

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When accelerating, it would struggle to deliver power below 4,000 rpm. We thought it would be a prime candidate for Pertua Powertec 4T. After draining its old oil and replacing it with Pertua Powertec 4T, we let it idle for a while, then took it for a ride around our neighborhood.

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There was certainly some noticeable changes. For one, its idling had certainly smoothened, returning less vibration to the handlebars. Its power delivery has improved too, allowing it to deliver more kick at low revs from 3,000 - 4,000 rpm. rev range. After riding for an hour, we noticed that the heat expelled from the engine, which is usually uncomfortably hot at this point, was still relatively cool and very tolarable. Finally, after a week of riding with the new oil, we noticed its average fuel mileage had improved, going up quite a bit to 21.9 km/L.

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We also put Pertua Powertec 4T on our other motorcycle, a 2016 Yamaha Nmax 155 with 1,500-km on the odometer. Being a fairly new bike, we were skeptical about any improvements putting Pertua would bring. After all, the bike was just a year old. It still felt relatively new and consistently returned 32.9-km/l.

After draining its old oil and replacing it with Pertua Powertec 4T, we let it idle for a while, then took it for a ride around our neighborhood, on the same route as the Ninja 650. Though not as evident as in the Ninja, the Nmax did show some improvement.

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For one, its idling had also improved, feeling much smoother and more consistent, returning even less vibration to the handlebars. Its power delivery had improved too, feeling very smooth all the way up to its top speed. We didn't particularly notice any improvement in power, but wether laden with one or two passengers, the Nmax returned the same smooth feeling regardless. The Nmax fortunately shields the rider from the heat of the engine. Nonetheless, even after riding for an hour, the engine happily hummed as if it was just started. Finally, after a week of riding with the new oil, we also noticed marginal improvement in its average fuel consumption, going up to 33.1 km/L.

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Where to get it

Indeed, these results may seem too good to be true for even the most stubborn skeptics. As such, we encourage you to try it yourself.

Pertua for motorcycles is available in 1-liter Powertec 4T blended oil bottles priced from P299. Simply change your oil to Powertec to feel the difference.

Other Pertua products include Apex PCO Multigrade for Gasoline Engines, Pertua Exello CVO Multigrade for Diesel Engines, and as Kagz Gear Oil 90, Kagz Gear Oil 140, and Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Pertua products are available at various Auto Supplies, Independent Workshops and Motorcycle Supply Shops, all Blade Car Shops in malls, all AllHome Automotive Sections, or online at Lazada.com.ph and Shopinas.com. A close to complete list of outlets is found here.

Pertua is also looking for interested dealers, distributors and wholesalers. To find out how to distribute Pertua, contact them at +63 2 362 1545 / +63 2 412 0858; +63 2 362 1545 (Fax); +63 943 128 4142 (Mobile); or email them at [email protected]

For additional information, visit and like Pertua’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pertuatech/ or check out www.pertua.com.