Batteries have essentially become the backbone of vehicles, be it with cars, motorcycles, even boats. With loads of electronic aids and functions in a modern vehicle, the battery has to keep up to the demands of all these systems, even though it has essentially been unchanged for over a century. This means batteries get thrown out more often and places more harm to the environment.

So what causes these batteries to be drained? It can either be auxiliary devices relying heavily on the battery or, the complete opposite, the lack of use. What many people don't know is that these drained batteries can actually have a lot of life in them left. Sounds improbable? Read on.

Keep your battery in tip-top shape

When a battery is drained, most of the acids have merely dropped to the bottom of the battery and, as a result, it will be unable to carry the charge to start your vehicle. One can rely on what's called a trickle charger, which has been the way for decades. After all, it is healthy to charge a vehicle's battery as regularly as possible. However, using a trickle charger isn't as simple as plug and play. For starters, one has to use a regulator and constantly adjust it, making it more complicated for the average Joe.

Also, there are different kinds of batteries as well, split into either automotive, or for motorcycle, and each have different demands when it comes to charging. As for motorcycle batteries, these too can be applied to ATV's as well as quad bikes.

Keep your battery in tip-top shape

Simply put, car batteries have a greater capacity than motorcycle batteries. As a result, motorcycle batteries have a shorter lifespan, as well as shorter warranties. It also leads to wastage to, what can be, a battery that can be revived. Factor in the costs and running a motorcycle can also be an expensive affair. This is where CTEK's line of chargers step in.

CTEK chargers are designed not just to top up the voltage of the batteries, but also maintains and reconditions, optimizing battery usage, as well as lessening waste. While it is a product commonly associated for automotive use, CTEK can also be used for smaller output batteries as well. Needless to say, CTEK's line of chargers are more than just for cars.

Keep your battery in tip-top shape

CTEK has a wide variety of charger products that cater to different vehicle needs, from motorcycles, ATVs and other recreational vehicles. It's easy and safe to use for first time users as each CTEK smart battery chargers come with foolproof safety functions that prevents damage to the battery and harm to the user. With CTEK, it simplifies the charging process.

So how do CTEK smart chargers work? It starts with desulfation to bring up battery acids that have sunk to the bottom. After that, it checks the condition of the battery if it is still rechargeable. If not, the process stops there. If the battery can accept the charge, CTEK will top up the battery to full capacity and will automatically stop when it reaches 100 percent.

Keep your battery in tip-top shape

The charger automatically enters 'pulse-monitoring mode' once the battery is fully charged. This mode re-engages charging when battery capacity drops to 80 percent to bring it up to a full charge. It will continue that cycle as long as the charger is plugged in. Rest assured that CTEK chargers can be plugged in for a long time without risk.

One can easily extend the life of the battery with a simple charge, therefore maximizing its efficiency. The environment benefits too with fewer batteries being thrown out. It is recommended to recharge the batteries regularly to maintain the level of performance from the battery. By maximizing efficiency, this also means you save more in the long run since you don't have to replace the battery every so often. In an age where conservation is key, CTEK smart chargers have provided a long-term solution.

CTEK Smart Chargers are available through authorized dealers.