The cheap and efficient way to get around town

With traffic in major cities getting worse by the day, going to a nearby store or running errands has turned from simple to time consuming and costly. An errand that should take just 15 minutes can sometimes stretch to an hour if you live in a busy part of town.

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

There are many ways around this, like taking public transport, or getting around on a motorcycle, yet these alternative solutions may end up costing you more in the long run. For speedy, worry-free and efficient commuting, few can rival the convenience of an electric bike (E-bike).

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

1. What’s the difference from a motorcycle?

Like a motorcycle, an E-bike can get one to two passengers to where they need to go quickly and efficiently. Unlike motorcycles, an E-bike is powered by a battery and electric motor and is much easier to maintain in the long runs.

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

2. Is it difficult to operate?

An E-bike is very easy to learn to use. As long as you can balance on a bike, you can operate an E-bike. For those that can’t balance yet, there’s also a tricycle E-bike. There’s no shifting needed as they are connected to fully automatic transmissions. Simply twist the throttle and go. Every E-bike is equipped with headlights, tail lamps, turn signals and mirrors, allowing you to closely monitor other vehicles in traffic, and be very visible to other vehicles.


7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

3. Is it cheap to run?

So how can having an E-bike, ease your commuting woes? E-bikes operate almost exactly like motorcycles. They can accelerate to a top speed of 40-60 km/h. They have a range of 50-70 kilometers on a full charge. Best of all, E-bikes don’t need any fuel, lubricants or regular preventive maintenance service. Simply buy an E-bike, use as you would a regular motorcycle and plug to any wall outlet to recharge.

For a more concrete example, we’ve computed the costs you’re likely to encounter over a 10,000km/year cycle. This includes acquisition costs, average weekly expense as well as any annual service or maintenance costs you may encounter.

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

4. What do I need to ride it?

Because E-bikes operate like motorcycles, we recommend getting a helmet for passengers. A driver’s license is also required by law. It is not recommended to operate these vehicles with shorts or slippers.

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

5. Do they come in different styles?

Yes they do. One proprietor of E-bikes is GoGo E-bikes Philippines. The company provides a wide range of models from tricycles, pedal assisted E-bikes, to scooter-inspired designs in variety of colors. Each E-bike comes fully equipped to drive on the road. Some model even have built-in mobile phone chargers.

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

6. What happens if I run out of battery?

Running out of battery is very unlikely as each bike is equipped with a battery charge meter, allowing you to monitor how much charge you have left. Each E-bike has a range from 50-70km depending on use and is more than enough to cover most trips. The pedal-assisted models allow you to use muscle power to get home when the battery has run out.

7 Questions about Ebikes Answered

7. Is it legal?

The use of E-bikes have become exceedingly popular with the commuting public. Their legality is currently being discussed by lawmakers and officials of the concerned agencies. Since no law has currently been passed, they are legal to operate for the mean time. While there’s no need for a license to operate one, we do recommend that the operator of the E-bike is at least familiar with the rules of the road.

Being cheap to acquire, affordable to maintain and operate, as well as quiet and environmentally friendly to run, it’s becoming very tempting to go the E-bike route. And with the many designs and styles GoGo E-bike Philippines offers, you’re likely to find a model perfect for you.

You can visit their showroom at 116 San Francisco St. Plainview, Mandaluyong, call them at 0917 681 0201, e-mail gogoebikesph[at], visit their website or find them on Facebook.